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adidas presents for Father's Day - here and now!

May 9, 2020 11:00 PM
adidas presents for Father's Day - here and now!

Welcome to 'adidas presents for Father's Day' blog entry! … wait what? Father's Day?! Calm down dear community, take another look at your adidas Watches, because the 'official' Father's Day is not until June 21! Until then you still have plenty of time, but we have picked out some nice adidas sneakers from the adidas 'Father's Day' campaign for you here in this blog post! Why? Because you, dear community, are our main focus and you should benefit from this adidas campaign! If you find something nice now, you don't have to worry about it until June! You want to have a look at the assortment right now? Then click on the button below!

3 stripes presents for father day

We've been browsing the adidas Father's Day page for you dear community and to live up to our name, we've picked out 5 pairs of shoes for you here that your dad will definitely like! So be quick, because the supply of sneakers is limited!

For sporty Dad's, the Ultraboost!

Your dad is sporty or likes to wear athletic leisure wear? Then we have the right shoe for him here! The adidas Ultraboost in all-black will definitely look good on your dad! Apart from the all-black colorway, the adidas Ultraboost has the mega comfy and cushioning adidas Boost sole! The fine Primeknit … but wait, enough talking! The good piece will cost you £139.95! Just click on the picture to buy the sporty shoe!


By the way: If you want to know more about Ultraboost, take a look at Josy's blog posts! Start with the 'adidas Ultraboost - The story behind the shoe'. Then read 'adidas Ultraboost - The technology behind the shoe' and end with the 'adidas Ultraboost Review': What are they really like?' blog entry and Josy's personal review of this gem! Shout out to @josephine!

Your Dad loves hiking? Let's Go Terrex!

A rather rare model as well as 'non' sneaker among our top 5 Pick is the Terrex Swift R2 hiking boot! If your dad likes to go hiking, with or without you, then treat him to a comfy, robust and waterproof shoe! The Terrex is an all-rounder and will certainly please your dad! For £119.95 you can make the shoe for your dad! Click on the picture!


The classy Dad - Stan Smith

Here we come to the first sneaker that you and your dad can rock together once or even more often! The classic among the adidas shoes and also a real eye-catcher! Why attract attention with 'flashy' colors when you can rock a Stan Smith with your daddy! The clean and nice sneaker will cost you £74,95! Just click on the picture and get the shoe for your dad! Everything very easy!


Campus ADV - for the 'lets keep it clean' Dad

Also for the daddies who don't want to attract attention, we have found something! The adidas Campus Adv shoe will surely please your daddy! With the 80's shoe model with the leather upper your dad will surely like it! For only £69.95 you get the shoe! All you had to do is just click on the picture!


The Superstar - For the 'old-school' Dad

Last but not least, there is one more icon - namely, as you can already see in the title, the adidas Superstar! The basketball shoe, released in the 70s, took the hearts of the adidas fanboys and girls by storm! If you give the shoe to your dad, he might tell you a few stories about the Superstar! Bring the vibe back! Oh yeah, before I forget, for £79.95 you get the shoe! Just click on the picture!

Your #TheCrew Background Check - adidas coupon to go!

You don't like the models listed above from the 'adidas presents for Father's Day' blog entry or your dad doesn't fall into one of the categories? Then simply get him an adidas gift certificate! Just click here on 'Buy me an adidas voucher for my dad! That's it from the 'Father's Day adidas Gift Ideas' blog! Hope you found what you were looking for! Otherwise, take a look at the adidas Father's Day assortment yourself! Just click on the button below!

By the way: Have you heard about the new adidas fundraising event? From April 18, to May 16, 2020 adidas will donate €2 for every item over €20 purchased in the adidas online shop or app to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund! You can find more information by clicking on the picture below!


By the way: You have ordered something from adidas and don't have a plan how to return it? Then click here on 'Need help with my adidas return!