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adidas Microbounce T1 'Black'

March 23, 2020 5:52 PM
adidas Microbounce T1 'Black'

adidas brings the Microbounce back! The innovative midsole system provides a cushioned feeling and positive vibes of the 2000s! The adidas Microbounce T1 'Black' will be released on March 25, 2020 at midnight. You will be able to buy it at selected retailers for €160. Here are the first details:

adidas = Boost?

Looking at the current adidas shelves in terms of shoes and their integrated sole technologies, you'll find 'Boost' as far as the eye can see. Since 2013, Boost technology has been popular with runners for its cushioning properties. And not without good reason. Nevertheless, I'm pleased to have the Microbounce T1, a model that some may have almost forgotten. But that the sneaker still is important for adidas is proven by the brand with the 2020 releases of the Microbounce T1. A few days ago we already got the yellow shining version with the adidas Microbounce T1 'Shock Yellow'. While the upper was focused in this model, the midsole of the announced Microbounce T1 in the 'Black' Colorway is accentuated by bright colors.

"Your craziest is also your most beautiful side!"

- adidas

And the brand with the three stripes also tells us how to show our craziest side with the new adidas Microbounce T1 'Black'. What is particularly striking here is the colourful and spherically shaped midsole. Together with the upper consisting of different overlays and a dirt trap made of shiny leather, we get a rounded look with a lot of positive energy.

Personally, I get the feeling that the adidas Microbounce T1 'Black' is worn like on snow chains. It looks like as if the sneaker glides over the ground. Anyway, it's a very exciting design and I'm curious to see how the look will prove itself in reality. But what we can certainly look forward to, is good cushioning and positive vibes!

adidas Microbounce T1 'Black'

The upper of the adidas Sneaker is made of black, durable mesh and suede with various overlays. To keep dirt out, adidas has chosen a shiny leather that creates a great contrast to the upper with its light beige color. Colour comes in the bounce midsole into play: At the back of the heel we find a pink shade, then a light blue and at the front a mint green. Together the midsole is a real eye-catcher and gives us the vibes, adidas is praising in its shape and color. Check out the first pictures and convince yourself. As already announced, the adidas Microbounce T1 'Black' will be released on March 25, 2020! Click on the button and you'll find out where you can get the sneaker. ?

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