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adidas goes vegan

February 1, 2021 9:30 PM
adidas goes vegan

Hi friends, the topic we are discussing today has so far only been dealt with on the sidelines by the big brands. Vegan sneakers were previously only known from specialised manufacturers like Veja. Now the trend towards sustainability is not passing adidas by either and some models are already made from recycled materials. But from now on: adidas goes vegan! Let's take a look at what adidas has to offer the segment.

adidas goes vegan - the models

Unfortunately, the term 'vegan' still has some sort of taint. The fact that many top athletes eat a vegan diet or that vegan Veja shoes look really cool is often forgotten. But before we go into too much detail, let's take a look at the new adidas models.

I particularly like the fact that adidas produces the usual vegan models and does not produce new exclusive vegan shoes. The Stan Smith, Continental and Superstar are among them.


First, we start with one of the best-selling sneakers of the last few years. The adidas Stan Smith is now vegan, which means it is made from no animal materials. The upper material is made of recycled polyester. The colorway of the Stan Smith is a super clean white with a few navy accents.

You can buy the vegan tennis classic for 99,95€.

Stan Smith


The second in the series is a real classic in adidas sneaker history. The Superstar had a big influence on hip-hop culture and experienced a real new hype a few years ago. The synthetic upper is made from recycled material. Cost: 100€. If you want to combine the 70s look with the materials of our time, just click here.

adidas Superstar


The adidas Samba is also part of the vegan collection. The shoe is known for its T-shaped toe area, among other things. In addition to the animal-free materials, the rubber outsole is also eye-catching.

By the way, every vegan adidas sneaker has a discreet 'Vegan' sign on the side of the shoe. You can see the logo in the picture below. You can buy the Kicks for 90€.

adidas goes vegan


The adidas Sleek also gets the animal-free treatment. Completely white, the sneaker is a super daily and can be combined well with many outfits. The cut is narrow and the fit is more women-specific.

You can buy the trendy spring sneaker for 90€. Just click on the picture below.

adidas goes vegan

Finally, another classic

Last but not least, I have another really popular adidas sneaker for you. It's the adidas Continental 80 in the Cloud White / Collegiate Navy / Scarlet colorway. Of course, the shoe is also completely vegan, which means that even the adhesives and colours used are completely animal-free. You can get this stylish classic for 100€.

If you want to other sustainable collections at adidas, just follow this link.

adidas continental