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A sustainable step into the future with the Nike Air Max 90 Futura and Air Max Bliss Next Nature

December 9, 2022 4:03 PM
A sustainable step into the future with the Nike Air Max 90 Futura and Air Max Bliss Next Nature

Even though Nike keeps releasing Retro versions of older classic sneakers like the Air Jordan 3 Retros, Nike Dunk Retros, or Air Jordan 1 Retros, they also keep on innovating. Whether it comes to embarking on new technologies like the metaverse or NFTs or simply reshaping older shoes to give them a modern look, Nike definitely doesn't sit still. Today we take a look at two futuristic Nike silhouettes aimed at the female audience, the Air Max 90 Futura and the Air Max Bliss.

Nike Air Max 90 Futura

Images by Sneakerjagers

The Nike Air Max 90 is one of the pillars of the sneaker culture, it's one of the most significant and popular designs of the brand. It was first released in 1990, as the name suggests, and it quickly became Nike's second most popular shoe only after the Air Max 1. The silhouette was designed by the legendary Tinker Hatfield, who designed timeless classics like the Air Max 1, Air MAG, and Air Jordans 3 through 15.

The first AM90 came in the original 'Infrared' colorway as imagined by Hatfield. This colorway is still the most popular and legendary up-to-date. And while the OG colorways are the most significant and sought-after models, Nike keeps innovating and updating the model.

For example the Nike Air Max 90 Futura, this model reimagines the icon of Air Max and brings a perfect mix of futurism and throwback design. The sneaker features sawtooth edging around the outsole combined with smooth leather and partially floating Swoosh logos. There is plush padding around the ankles which, combined with tried-and-tested Air cushioning, provides all-day comfort. With this sneaker, you really feel like stepping into the future!

Nike Air Max Bliss Next Nature

The next shoe we're highlighting today is the Nike Air Max Bliss. Just like the Air Max 90 Futura, the AM Bliss is a WMNS only model. Both of these pairs are stunning and a breath of fresh 'air' - pun not intended, but while the AM 90 Futura is a reiteration, the Bliss is a completely new silhouette. It's a brand-new member of the Air Max family and it brings a fresh and futuristic design with itself.

Even though it's a new model, the Bliss gives off Y2K vibes, which have been taking over social media lately. At the same time, it also manages to look futuristic. Because of this, the silhouette manages to look futuristic while still fitting into the existing line of Air Max sneakers. So if you're a girl looking for a sneaker with Y2K vibe while still wanting to keep it classic, the Air Max Bliss is the perfect pair for you!

The Bliss comes in a retro, sporty shape which fits it perfectly into the chunky trainer category a.k.a. 'dad shoes'. According to Nike, the Bliss' shape takes inspiration from the natural flow and motion of nature, blended with modern tech. Proceeding with the natural theme, the sneaker is also made from at least 20% recycled materials making it a more sustainable option.

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