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A real summer trend: The adidas Adilette for women

May 27, 2020 5:51 PM
A real summer trend: The adidas Adilette for women

The well-known Adilette, or also: Summer trend adidas Adilette for women! Last week there was a blog about the luxury slippers. And we also introduced you to the Adilette trend for dresses. But the Adilettes remain cult and thus - writing materials! More leisure feeling, maybe also in everyday life? As a street style look or even at work? Now this is also possible with the Adilettes. We show you how!

Everything about the summer trend of the adidas Adilette for women

A real revival! Although she has been around for a few years nowadays, the Adilette has really been able to assert itself in everyday trends. And then it is not even an exaggeration to say that the Adilette is one of the most popular pool sliders around the world. The reason for this is most likely the timeless, yet very stylish design. It was designed by Adi Dassler in 1972 because his athletes were not satisfied with the cleanliness of their changing and shower cubicles. In order to avoid any dirt and bacteria, Adi Dassler designed a rubber flap with suction cups on the soles. Feet protected, athletes happy, Adilette invented! The suction cups for a more beautiful design have disappeared over the years - but the Adilette has remained!

Originally, the Adilette was very simple, in classic dark blue with the white 3-stripes. Due to the popularity, she has received a makeover and is now always available in new color models, graphics and designs. There are a lot of surprises for you at the start! Give something back to the Adilette and take it with you in your everyday life! As already mentioned, they don't just go with swimming trunks or sportswear outfits. It's up to you, whether you're brave about dress pants, stylish with jeans or extravagant with summer dresses ?! Even with the well-known tennis socks or as slippers in the cooler season, they simply cut a great figure ?!

In order not only to reduce it to the outside, we present you the inner values: The soft, one-piece straps are durable and quick-drying. It has a comfortable, pre-shaped footbed and with the light synthetic outsole it is never too heavy on the foot!

Our favorites of the Adilettes

Cloudfoam Plus Stripes Adilette

With this Adilette, you will be super well after your workout. It is ultra-light and, thanks to the Cloudfoam Plus cushioning, ensures a comfortable fit with every step. A very classic design!


Adilette Core Black

This Adilette is really perfect for the big city! You will discover your wild side: it shows an animal print with a leopard and zebra pattern. It makes each of your outfits an eye catcher. No matter whether with a dress or short shorts!


Aqua Adilette

Perfect for hot days on the beach, in the outdoor pool or just at home in the garden! These quick-drying slippers come with the 3-stripes on the strap. In addition, they have a comfortable, cushioning footbed and offer ultimate comfort for the shower and swimming pool. Of course, you can also wear them in everyday life. Above all, the colorful, but still in pastel colors make for a real eye-catcher on your foot!


Adilette Ankle Wrap Sandale

A whole new form of Adilette! A classic sandal with a wrap detail. With this design, the comfort of the classic Adilette meets a detail inspired by lace-up sandals. So really perfect with shorts or a dress in summer. The cork outsole ensures long-lasting comfort! The polka dots give the whole thing a casual 70s vibe!


Adilette AdiBlue

Or rather back to the classics? Especially in the colors dark blue and white? In addition to the must-have in the shower and sports clubs, it is also indispensable in the fashion world! This version comes very classic with a quick-drying strap made of PU and the legendary 3-stripes. The pre-shaped footbed and the soft rubber outsole complete the design perfectly!


Summer looks with the Adilettes

Whether stripes to stripes for a business look, classy and chic with a pair of suit trousers, a tweed blazer and a waist belt, urban and hip with the culotte and a trench coat, or rather cool and stylish with mom jeans? Get inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest with the hashtag #adilette!

If you want to hear more about the subject of Adilettes, then be sure to check out Maren's blog about the summer trends. For even more content on the topic have a look in our Newsblog.