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A detailed review of the adidas POD S3 1

June 29, 2021 12:00 PM
A detailed review of the adidas POD S3 1

2018 saw the launch of the brand new adidas POD-S 3.1, which combined the old with the new. It's a fresh silhouette inspired by the innovations of the past to help shape the future. A bit reminiscent of the Y-3, the adidas POD combines style with functionality as always.

The brand dug deep into the in-house archives in Herzogenaurach to find the 'Point of Deflection' system. The Cusion 2, released in the mid-nineties, was used for the POD. But instead of just remaking it, adidas took the basis of the Cushion 2 and completely reinterpreted it with today's technological possibilities.

adidas POD outsole

The sneakers feature a thick and durable rubber outsole. The textured rubber is present in both the forefoot and heel areas of the segmented midsole. The oval dimples line both sections of the outsole. They also provide a supportive and responsive running or walking experience. The base of the forefoot is wide, which supports you better during lateral movements.


The POD uses a unique three-dimensional cushioning system that was first introduced in the 90s. With an eye on track and field, the shoes then featured the 'Point of Deflection System' to help runners with shock absorption and stability.

adidas POD Midsole

We are probably most impressed by the midsole. While we enjoy the unique style, the shoe also convinces us with technical sophistication. Unlike most midsoles, you see a segmented design here. You can also see two different sections.

The forefoot area of the midsole is made of EVA foam. This is a typical material that you can find in many running shoes. In addition, the material is stiffer than the heel area, but still offers a great underfoot feel.

The BOOST foam from adidas is very soft and responsive. It consists of TPU pellets that are compressed and shaped. These pellets, which resemble polystyrene beads, absorb the impact of heel strike and bounce back, giving you perfect support.

Finally, the third element of the midsole is called Point of Deflection Bridge or POD for short. This technology is both stable and flexible and combines the EVA material in the forefoot with the BOOST system in the heel. The POD bridge also allows the shoe to have more torsional stiffness, so your foot is protected from twisting.

The Upper

The upper of the adidas POD is made of a loosely knitted, flat mesh material that is both breathable and stretchy. As with many of the brand's sneakers, there is no additional cushioning inside the sneaker. This in turn reinforces the sock-like fit. Underneath the mesh upper, an arrow-shaped 3M fabric panel is convincing. Although this is not visible to the naked eye, it can act as a reflector.

The shoe has a standard lacing system with reinforced eyelets and a nylon strap with a pull tab in the middle of the tongue. The laces can also be reflective, as 3M material has also been used for them. At the same time, the tongue itself is made of a stiffer mesh material with a stitched-on suede accent.

Of course, you'll see the signature three stripes, while suede accents complete the design. Otherwise, the adidas Trefoil logo is emblazoned on the heel. Furthermore, the reflective details let us cycle home safely in the evening and are also very trendy at the moment.

adidas POD on Sale

So much talk about a shoe, it's almost like a carrot in front of your nose? We are on hand with a small selection in the sale, but let us tell you: it pays to be quick!


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