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10 of the most comfortable slides for this summer

June 25, 2023 8:59 AM
10 of the most comfortable slides for this summer

Whether you take a walk in the park, go to the beach or just enjoy the sunny weather, wearing comfortable slippers is essential for the perfect summer experience. That's why today we are discussing some of the most comfortable slides that are ideal for this summer. Let's get started right away!

Why slides for summer?

Are you looking for footwear that is both comfortable and trendy? Then slides are the ideal choice for summer! Firstly, they are easy to put on and take off and also offer a refreshing feeling to your feet during hot days.

There is also a wide range of designs, colours and materials. As a result, there is something for everyone. So whether you like a casual look or a more sophisticated style, comfortable slides can easily take your summer outfits to the next level!

But with so many choices on the market, how do you choose the most comfortable slippers? No worries! We have carefully compiled for you a list of slippers that excel in both comfort and style. Wondering which ones they are? Below are some of our recommendations!

Note the order is random.

1. Nike Air Max 1 Slide

Comfortabele slides Nike Air Max 1 Slide Sports Red

The Nike Air Max 1 Slide is a real gamechanger when it comes to comfortable slides. With the iconic Air Max cushioning in the sole, this slide offers exceptional support and an unprecedented soft feel. The synthetic leather upper ensures durability, while the wide strap, made of mesh fabric, contributes to a perfect fit. Whether you take a stroll or just relax, this slide will keep you comfortable and stylish!

Right now, you can choose from two different colorways, namely 'Obsidian' and 'Sport Red'. We are also expecting the Nike Air Max 1 Slide 'Black' later this year. So keep an eye on the Sneakerjagers release calendar!

2. Hoka Ora Recovery Slide 3

Comfortabele slides Hoka Ora Recovery Slide 3 'Shifting Sand'
Hoka Ora Recovery Slide 3 'Black'

When it comes to recovery after an intense workout or a long day, the Hoka Ora Recovery Slides are the ideal choice. This slipper features a thick midsole that absorbs shock and pampers your feet with a soft landing. The synthetic material strap also offers good grip and extra support. Whether you suffer from tired feet or just want to enjoy high-quality comfort, this slide will not disappoint!

What's more, the Hoka Ora Recovery Slide 3 is available in as many as 16 colours! Our two favourites are the colour combinations 'Shifting Sand' and 'Black'. Check our sneaker search engine for more.

3. adidas Yeezy Slide

comfortabele slides adidas Yeezy Slide 'Onyx'
adidas Yeezy Slide 'Bone'

Of course, we all know the adidas Yeezy Slide. This is not only a fashion statement, but also one of the most comfortable slides. The minimalist design gives this slipper a trendy look. In addition, the contoured footbed adapts to the shape of your foot, while the soft foam sole provides cushioning and comfort.

So with this slide, you experience the best of both worlds: style and comfort! The adidas Yeezy Slide is also available in many common colours. For example, think of the Yeezy Slide 'Onyx' and 'Bone'.

4. Axel Arigato Magma

Comfortabele slides Axel Arigato Magma
Axel Arigato
Axel Arigato Magma zwart

If you are looking for a unique and comfortable slide, the Axel Arigato Magma is for you! This luxury slipper combines high-quality materials with a sophisticated look. With its fashionable design and comfortable construction, this slide is a must-have for summer.

5. Puma Shibui Cat

Comfortabele slides Puma Shibui Cat Harbor Mist
Puma Shibui Cat Putty

The PUMA Shibui Cat is the reflection of casual comfort. With its lightweight construction and soft lining, this slide will make you feel like you are walking on clouds. The durable rubber outsole also provides extra grip.

So whether you're going out for a day of shopping or a relaxing night out, this slide is your ideal travel companion! And with a range of colour options, you can choose a slide that suits your style perfectly. Think 'Harbor Mist' and 'Putty', for example.


PUMA Shibui Cat

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6. Nike Jordan Post

Nike Jordan Post University Red
Comfortabele slides Nike Jordan Post Black

The Nike Jordan Post is not only a comfortable slide, but also gives a nod to the iconic Jordan line. Featuring the signature Jumpman logo on the soft footbed, this slipper combines style and comfort in a unique way.

Furthermore, you can choose from a number of different colours to suit your individual style!

7. New Balance Fresh Foam MRSHN

New Balance
Comfortabele slides New Balance Fresh Foam MRSHN Paper White

The New Balance Fresh Foam MRSHN is a sporty slide that pampers your feet with exceptional comfort. The innovative Fresh Foam cushioning system provides a responsive and resilient experience with every step. In addition, the slip-on construction and elastic band ensure convenience and a perfect fit.

Whether exercising or just relaxing, this slide will not let you down!

8. Under Armour Flow Velociti slippers

Comortabele slides Under Armour Flow Velociti slippers zwart
Under Armour
Under Armour Flow Velociti slide wit

The Under Armour Flow Velociti flip-flops are perfect for those looking for ultimate comfort and a sporty look. For instance, the anatomically shaped footbed provides support and the lightweight and breathable materials provide a cooling effect. Even on the hottest summer days!

9. MMW x Nike 005

Comfortabele slides MMW x Nike 005 Volt & Black
MMW x Nike 005 Light Bone & Chrome

The collaboration between Matthew M. Williams (MMW) and Nike has resulted in the MMW x Nike 005 slide, which pushes the boundaries of comfort and fashion. The signature design with its embossed logo and clean lines makes this slide a real eye-catcher. The soft footbed offers unmatched comfort and support.

So this slide is not only popular for its style, but also for its extraordinary comfort!

10. adidas Adilette 22

Comfortabele slides adidas Adilette 22
adidas Adilette 22

Last but not least, the adidas Adilette 22 is a classic among comfortable slides that is loved by many. This slide is known for its simple design and comfortable construction. The padded strap and soft footbed ensure a pleasant experience, whether you are lounging by the pool or just relaxing at home. With its timeless look and proven comfort, the adidas Adilette is an essential slide for summer.

In addition, the Adilette 22 is available in a whopping 12 different colours!


adidas Adilette 22

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With these 10 most comfortable slides for this summer, you no longer have to choose between style and comfort. Whether you go for sporty looks, luxurious aesthetics or timeless simplicity, these slippers offer the perfect combination of comfort and fashion. So slip on your favourite slide, relax and enjoy a summer full of comfort and style!