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のコラボ: WTAPS X New Balance M992WT 'Olive Drab'

April 30, 2020 5:09 PM
のコラボ: WTAPS X New Balance M992WT 'Olive Drab'

The WTAPS X New Balance M992WT 'Olive Drab' will be available for all who want to buy it on May 1, 2020 at midnight at a price of €270! If you want to get the shoe and have already informed yourself, just click the button below! But don't forget dear community! It's a raffle! So good luck! For all of you who are not in a hurry and want to have a closer look at this beauty, stay here and enjoy this article!


Established in 1996 under the name WTAPS, the Japanese company started under the wings of Senesei or CEO Testsu Nishiyama aka 'Tet'. What? Does this all sound too 'Japanese' for you? Then wait and see, because it gets even better! But back to WTAPS, which is pronounced as follows - 'double taps' - yes the Japanese people have taken the 'W' from the English language and only pronounce 'double' without the 'you'. In combination with TABS this results in 'double tabs'.

Okay, I think we've strayed away from the main topic. WTAPS mainly produces clothing but also accessories with 'army style'. So WTAPS is actually the perfect partner for the 'のコラボ' / collaboration with New Balance or not? Army print style meets US sneaker company! Before continuing with the blog, take a look at the IG page of 'WTAPS'. There you can see what kind of stuff they are selling!

WTAPS Instagram Page

By the way: The company 'WTAPS' is also responsible for the stylish and popular 'WTVUA' shirts!

NBAS? What?

New Balance Athletic Shoes, Inc. (NBAS) or as everybody knows it 'New Balance' is a US American company. For more than 100 years New Balance stands for movement and community. No matter if in high performance sports or on the streets, New Balance is nowadays one of the top brands, which are an integral part of the scene!

This year the company already started with many collab's like Levi's x New Balance, Casablanca x New Balance but also Tokyo Design Studio x New Balance! If you want to learn more about the collabs, just click on the respective collabs!

I'm actually here for the kickz!

Let's finally get to the shoe and the WTAP x New Balance 'のコラボ / Collaboration'! It takes place on the New Balance M992 silhouette. The silhouette was first introduced in 2006! To be more precise, on the 100th anniversary of New Balance exist, the company released the M992 Silhouette. The WTAPS x New Balance collaboration serves as a 'new edition' for the old New Balance series! The WTAPS X New Balance M992WT 'Olive Drab' comes in an olive green colorway. With a few grey elements and the WTAP branding on the tongue and back of the heel, this sneaker is definitely different from the other 922 silhouettes! Check out this gem below! The pics were provided by our partner 'End Clothing'. Enjoy!


Your #TheCrew Background Check

By the way: '足から感' means 'feeling from the feet'. The Japanese company WTAPS mentioned this in their IG post. So are you ready for the comfy shoe? Underneath you will find the post as video!

Once again the details are summarized for you: The WTAPS X New Balance M992WT 'Olive Drab' will be available on May 1, 2020 at midnight at the price of €270, but not everyone can't get the shoe! The sneaker will be raffled! Be quick and register on time at raffle! You can find the link down below! Good luck dear community!