Noah NY and Vans are back! Once again, the styles of both brands are brought together on a Vans sneaker. It's not the first time this is happening, the two brands already have a rich history together.

We all know Vans sneakers. Since 1966, the two brothers Paul and James van Doren have been working on the skate shoes. The company was originally called Van Doren Rubber Company. They were known for their thick rubber soles. This sole is still very popular among skaters, but the sneakers have grown into much more.

Vans has already had many collaborations, like with Noah NY. Noah is a men's clothing brand founded in America by Brendon Babenzien. Brendon was known for his free-thinking vision. This vision is the foundation of the brand. Bringing together skate, surf and music cultures is what Babenzien wants to achieve with Noah. In addition, they also strive for quality, integrity and originality.

Noah x Vans

As we mentioned, this is not the first time the two have collaborated. The previously dropped Noah x Vans sneakers all have striking prints, colours and materials. The style of both brands can be clearly recognised on each pair.

The last collaboration was in October 2020. Noah x Vans dropped the Era silhouette in different colorways. This drop was a tribute to Vans' first skate shoe. The Noah version is a mix of patterns and colours inspired by the 80s. At this time, the surf and skate cultures together were a "controlled chaos", as Noah NY called it.

Noah x Vans 2020

Noah x Vans OG Style 24LX

The collaboration continues. Once again, Noah takes us back to the 80's, this time with the Vans OG Style 24LX. The sneaker comes in two different colourways. As we've come to expect from them, they're another striking pair. The canvas upper has a pink/black pattern, while the other pair has a white/green pattern.

The retro print on the upper is not to be missed. The canvas upper is made sturdy by the rubber sole and toe. Besides sturdiness, this also gives the look of the sneaker a boost. Both pairs are perfect for skaters.

Noah x Vans
Noah x Vans

Noah NY has chosen the Vans OG Style 24LX to pay homage to the Venice curbs and their role in skateboarding. The curbs have a long existence in the creative development of skateboarding. According to Noah's theory, these curbs have endured decade after decade because they were simply fun to skate on.

Release info

Have we made you enthusiastic? Then we have good news. The Noah x Vans OG Style 24LX is dropping both pairs this Thursday, April 8, 2021. The sneakers release on the Noah NY website. You can see more pictures of the skate shoes at the bottom of this blog!

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Noah x Vans
Noah x Vans