The release date of the Nike Dunk Low 'Thank You For Caring' is known! Last December, the first images of the unique design were shared. The new Nike Dunk will be released on March 4, 2021 via Nike.

Nike Dunk Low 'Thank You For Caring'
Nike Dunk Low 'Thank You For Caring'

Nike Dunk Low 'Thank You For Caring': Inspiration

The inspiration of the model are local markets. There are several references to food value labels on the sneakers. You also get a plastic bag with the shoes, also a reference to the plastic bags from the market. Striking about the bag is the message: "Thank You For Caring", this gives a personal feeling which the local market also has.

If you look closely, you will see that "Blue Ribbon Studio" is written on the shoe. This is probably where these Dunks were designed. The Blue Ribbon Studio is located at Nike's headquarters in Oregon. This workplace is known as a free, creative studio where Nike employees can let loose.

Dunk Low 'City Market'
Nike 'Thank You For Caring'

The Design | DA6125-900

There are many details on the sneakers, on every surface there is something different. You can see different patterns with many colours like: red, yellow, blue, green and white. When you zoom in on each pattern, it looks like pieces of different food packaging such as rice and coffee have been torn off. For example, the tongue is transparent with a clear woven stitching, something that many rice bags also have. Another striking material is jute that has been processed on the middle section. In addition, the laces look like rope, which gives them a robust look.

Nike Dunk Low 'Thank You For Caring'
Nike Dunk Low
Images by Nike

Is this creative pair for you? The Nike Dunk Low 'Thank You For Caring' drops on March 4, 2021 at 9:00 AM via Nike. Keep an eye on the Sneakerjagers Release Calendar to get an overview of all the outlets!