[Update 24 September 2020] It's true, dear community! The Nike Air Max 90 NRG 'Bacon' has got a new release date. Its long-awaited release is scheduled for Air Max Day 2021! Click on the button below to set a release alert and you will be notified as soon as the release date is set.

Mhmm you hear the Bacon sizzling and do you even know the Nike Air Max 90 NRG 'Bacon' 🥓? If you wonder why this Nike Air Max 90 is called Bacon, continue reading! For the people who already know the story behind the shoe, we have added a button for you below! It will lead you to our beloved Release Calendar, where the kickz are already inside! …mhmm do you smell of bacon in the 'Air'? Hunger!!

BTS of the Nike Air Max 90 Bacon!

History2Go: The Nike Air Max 90 Bacon Silhouette was a collabo between DQM x Nike! Oh and 'DQM' stands for Dave's Quality Meats… . Yes, you heard it right! Nike has collaborated with a 'Butcher'! The CEO of DQM is Dave Ortiz and therefore the Colorway of this shoe is called Bacon!

As you, dear community, already know, I like to joke and the 'butcher' part is a therefore half 'joke'. Dave Ortiz, the owner and designer of the AM90 Bacon, really had a 'butcher's shop', but appearances are deceptive! His store was a sneaker boutique that he ran and the whole thing was a 'concept store'! Instead of 'high quality meat' Dave sold 'Skate Apparel' in the heart of New York City! The sneaker was first released in 2005 and now we get a Re-Release! The NEW official release date is Air Max Day 2021. So long  😭!? …real bacon would be burnt already! Below you can find some pics of the Kickz. Let's Go!


By the way: Dave Ortiz used to work for 'Zoo York' - a skateshop in New York City. Zoo York is world famous among skaters. But Dave establish his own company and opened his own store 'DQM'. He got the chance to design a Nike shoe and so the AM90 Bacon was born! As inspiration Dave took, you guessed it, 'Bacon'… heavenly!

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