[Update August 07, 2020] Air Jordan 3 SE Denim 'Fire Red' Release Reminder! The Kickz will be released as usual tomorrow at SNKRS Day 2020, August 08, 2020! Click on the button below to get to the Retailer List!

[Update August 03, 2020] No, 'Fire Fire' news because the release of the Air Jordan 3 SE denim 'Fire Red' has been postponed. These kickz are now coming out on August 08th, 2020. But wait! There are already a few Raffles online. How to get to the Retailer List? Just click on the button below! Let's Go!

Hola dear community, are you ready for the fire release of the Air Jordan 3 SE denim 'Fire Red'? What? You already know everything about this Colorway and your are looking for a 'Retailer list'? What a coincidence! That's exactly what we have! How to get our 'exclusive' Release Calendar? Just click on the button below! We go hunting for you and all you have to do is catch the prey… or just cop the pairs! Let's Go!

By the way: For all those of you who want to get more information and want to know why this Colorway is so popular - keep on reading! The Kickz are coming out on 01.August 2020 at 9 am for 200€!

The 'Fire Fire' Air Jordan 3!

The Jordan Brand, or the Jumpman Brand, has made it easy peacy again, because this Colorway already exist! You maybe have already spotted this Colorway on the streets. But don't be surprised! This Air Jordan 3 is not a RESTOCK or a RE-RELEASE! So the designers of the Jordan Brand didn't make it that easy either! The color-blocking of this kickz has been changed a little bit.

There are already a handful of Air Jordan 3 'Fire Red' Kickz that are sold on resell platforms such as StockX and Klekt. The OG 'Fire Red' model, was first released in 1988. The Colorway is very popular and the demand is high so the Jordan Brand released more Air Jordan 3 'Fire Red' Kickz. And now, in 2020, we are getting the Air Jordan 3 SE Denim 'Fire Red'! πŸ”₯ Pics of the Kickz can be found down below! Let's get it!


The silhouette stands out with its White Leather Upper. However, the Jordan Brand has changed a significant detail here in this release. The OG Air Jordan 3 'Fire Red' model and the previous models had a 'red' midsole - this kickz don't have them... but the others don't have denim! This Air Jordan 3 SE Denim 'Fire Red' is not called 'Denim Fire Red' for nothing. The denim surrounds the AJ3 toebox, heel and shoe eyelets! Also the Jumpman logo on the back of the heel has now the 'Nike Air' branding! But if you take a closer look, you will find the transparent Jumpman on the back of the heel. Crazy!

Japan 'exclusive' Drop!

Not again! Japan gets an exclusive drop here again! What? Are you wondering which other kickz were also 'Japan exclusive' Drop? Then click here on 'The Air Jordan 1 High OG Japan - silver Dior x AJ1!' and check out these nice kickz! And the silver suitcase OMG - it makes everyone jealous!

Back to the Japan-Exclusive Air Jordan 3 Retro SE 'Denim' or also called Air Jordan 3 SE-T CO.JP 'Fire Red' Denim! It looks the same as the Air Jordan 3 SE Denim 'Fire Red'! So what is the difference between the Japan exclusive Drop and the normal Drop? The secret lies in the detail, because the 'Nike Air' branding on the heel changes! Instead of 'Nike' it now says 'Nike' in Japanese(!) - so now the 'Nike Japanese Air' branding is on the heel! The Translucent Air Jordan Jumpman Heel Tabs remain and have not been changed. The second detail is the insole of the Air Jordan 3s! It now has the 'CO.JP' branding now - 'co.jp' is the Japanese Internet Domain! Uff crazy! As always you can find the pics of the Kickz down below! Let's Go!


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