Nike's sustainability campaign is currently on fire and the company is now releasing a sneaker with 'Crater Foam' almost every week - now the Nike Air Max 90 Crater!

These nice Kickz will already be released on Thursday, August 20th 2020 and will cost you 149ā‚¬! But wait, you are sure that want to buy the Kickz already? Then just click on the button below! It will lead you to our mega 'sustainable' Release Calendar. Let's Go!

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The AM 90 Crater!

Before we annoy you with the 'Standard' program again, we present you the Kickz first! The first pic of the Kickz can be found below, take a closer look at the pairā€¦ hmm heavenly or hƤƤhh?


To match the Space Hippie Collection, this Nike Air Max 90 Crater got a grey Colorway. To be more specific, a 'Grey Volt' - Volt are the neon green details like the stitching on the swoosh or the air bubble - more about that later!

You will also learn more about the Space Hippie Collection from Nike later - stay tuned! The Outsole of this Nike AM90 is the famous Nike 'Crater Foam'. Nike recycles the soles of 'old Nike models' that probably couldn't be sold or are imperfect. Crazy!

It's worth it for Nike because sustainability is at the heart of almost every company's business in 2020! As you can see on the picture, the upper is made of grey denim. This denim wraps around the Toebox and covers the lower part of the Kickz. The Toebox, as well as the Heel Collar are light grey and emphasize the dark grey denim. Excellent color combination! The midsole is kept white, but the part around the air bubble is grey. This grey is also on the Shoeslace holders and the 'Air Max Branding' on the side panels.

As mentioned in the beginning, the color of 'Air Bubble' and the stitching on the swoosh is neon green. This color is on the back of the heel, because the 'Nike Air Branding' is also in this color. If you take a closer look, you can see the 'Volt Green' again on the label of the Tongue. The Tongue is colorful on this model. Crazy spacy!

That's it from these kickz and here you can find some more nice pics. Enjoy! But wait, this blog does not end yet! Here are some more infos that will surely interest you.