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WMNS Club: We get a Beyoncé x adidas Superstar

September 14, 2020 5:21 PM
WMNS Club: We get a Beyoncé x adidas Superstar

Girls, adidas has once again come up with something really chic for us 😍! Together with Beyoncé, the brand with the three stripes gave their famous superstar a makeover! The new Beyoncé x adidas Superstar has been given great and special elements that make the silhouette look unique while still retaining its charm. Let's take a look at this in detail today. But first I will tell you where you can get the shoe.

Release Info: The sneaker will be officially launched on 18 September 2020 at 10:00 am at adidas. If there are more shops, you can find out about them by clicking the button below in our release calendar! But attention: If you want to call the style your own, you have to register in the adidas app. You have until September 18th at 09:30 am to register. We will tell you in detail how this works right here.

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Beyoncé x adidas Superstar - the details

By the way, this is not the first time adidas has worked with the singer. Some of you will probably remember the Ivy Park x adidas collection. Beyoncé has her own fashion label for several years now, which she runs together with Topshop: Ivy Park designs mainly sportswear and has already created a pretty chic collection together with adidas.

This time the Queen B of the R'n'B with her own name stands for the new Beyoncé x adidas Superstar. I would have done the same if I had come up with such a beautiful design 😅! Because the Superstar from the collaboration is really something special. adidas and Beyoncé have managed to give this sneaker legend, who is already celebrating her 50th birthday this year, a whole new vibe. And that means something, because what exciting styles have we seen in the history of Superstar!?

The new design combines popular retro elements with great new features. The sneaker comes, like the original, with a white leather upper, black stripes and the shell toe. The sole makes it really special! Because it is designed in platform style, which means: Yeah, a few centimetres more and visually beautiful long legs 😎! But that's not it yet, because the shape of the outsole is also different and so it tapers off at the front. But you better have a look at it yourself! The elegant signature of Beyoncé, combined with the platform sole, which simply makes a clear fashion statement - so beautiful!

Beyoncé x adidas Superstar
Beyoncé x adidas Superstar FY7730
adidas x Beyoncé
Beyoncé x adidas Superstar
adidas Superstar WMNS

How to get the superstars at adidas

With the button which we link you here again, you can access our release calendar. There you can see which shops sell the shoe and in this case you can be forwarded directly to adidas. All you have to do, if you are not already a member, is download the app and log in or register.

In the app you can quickly find the new Beyoncé x adidas Superstar and then you have to register for this online release. Then adidas will need your data and a payment method. But don't worry, the money will only be debited if you actually get the style. This is a launch, so unfortunately not all of you will have the luck to get the sneaker here at adidas. Once you have registered and adidas has all the necessary data, you can wait and see 🍀!

In any case we wish you much success. Just a reminder: You have until September 18th at 09:30 am to take part!