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We tested the new plant-based Reebok Floatride running shoe!

November 16, 2020 6:05 PM
We tested the new plant-based Reebok Floatride running shoe!

Sustainability is of course a big and important topic at the moment and the sneaker scene and the sports world are also increasingly focusing on it! But Reebok is now going one step further, you could say, because they have actually launched a sports shoe on the market whose materials are partly of plant origin! We have tested and put the Reebok Floatride running shoe through its paces exclusively for you.

We answer questions about how the vegetable shoe fits your foot, how it performs in sports and much more! In this review you will learn how the plant-based materials affect the function of the running shoe and how the kicks are really. Step by step into a better world, even during training.

Natural, sustainable, new - the Reebok Floatride running shoe

Before we start our review, first all the important information about the shoe: The Reebok Floatride running shoe comes with an upper made of breathable mesh and this has a plant base made of eucalyptus bark. As usual the mesh is breathable and flexible. The footbed of the running shoe then consists of parts of the so-called boom algae. As far as the sole is concerned, castor oil and natural rubber have been used here to ensure optimum cushioning. The oil is the basis for the cushioning material and the rubber provides the necessary traction.

Read more about the Reebok plant based running shoe in this blog post.

Running can be this light

We, #TheCrew, have tested the shoe for you from both a male and female perspective. The shoes found their way to our office and when we first looked into the shoe box, everyone was curious to see how such a plant-based running shoe would feel and look like in detail. At first glance, the lightness of the shoes is particularly convincing. If you take them in your hand, you hardly feel any weight. The laces are also striking, designed in a material that is rather unusual for sports shoes. Read on to find out what it feels like during sports.

A shoe that is made in parts from plants. This is an innovative and forward-looking idea, but with a sports shoe the functionality is of course the most important thing. The athletes in our team have therefore taken the kicks for a spin and made a good training round with them.

And functional? Testing the plant-based running shoe

I was allowed to test the shoe from the female point of view and can say that the light feeling of the Reebok Floatride running shoe remains the same on the foot. You hardly feel the shoes and the first steps are easy!

So let's go! My jogging route starts on asphalt and with this hard surface the shock absorption of the shoes could be directly noticeable. The sole is not very thick, but it convinces with a great cushioning. It is comfortable, flexible and returns energy with every step. Also later in the forest, on softer ground, the shoes convinced. The laces, which are rather unusual for sports shoes, proved to be a great hold and I didn't have to lace up the Floatride again. You surely know the situation when after a few kilometres or running, the shoes become loose! This was not the case here.

So let's hold on to this: forest soil: check, road: check, gravel path: check - the cushioning and support of the running shoes is convincing. The roads and paths in autumn are also partly wet at the moment or there are leaves lying around and here too I have good news: the outsole of the shoes has a robust profile and also offers support here!

From nature to the streets of the world

Now let's get to the upper and the seat at the foot. In addition to the strong laces, the eucalyptus upper is made of a mesh that is flexible but still has a certain firmness, thus offering a great mix of flexibility and support. The shoes therefore also sit very comfortably on the foot. However, a small tip for sizing: normally you should always buy sports shoes one size larger. With the Floatride I recommend you to stay with your normal size, because it fits true to size!

What we girls never leave out of sight of course, is the look. Personally, I'm not really a fan of light-coloured running shoes, because I often train on dirty paths and sometimes on sand or grass. But the Reebok Floatride running shoe has changed my mind! It has a light upper in different shades of beige and dark white. Olive green accents are added as optical highlights, which offer a nice contrast. The outsole is then again in white.

After my test I can say that the material of the shoes is not very susceptible to dirt and that the natural colours quickly forgive the one or other stain which are therefore not so clearly visible. The bright colorway can also be combined with many sports outfits and, in my personal opinion, is really very beautiful! You can buy the running shoes by clicking on the buttons below, but also by clicking on the pictures in this article:

I hope you enjoyed our review! If you want to know more about sustainability in the sneaker scene, take a look at our Sneaker News!