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Nike and Martine Rose redefine football looks

July 4, 2023 4:43 PM
Nike and Martine Rose redefine football looks

In her most recent collaboration with Nike, designer Martine Rose has created a special moment where fashion and sport come together. In it, she has taken us to a world that is more inclusive, equal, empowering and inspiring!

Here we are talking about Nike x Martine Rose's football collection that promotes inclusivity on the pitch with new dress code.

“When a woman wears a suit, it expresses strength, resilience and beauty,” says Martine. “I want women to feel powerful in their suits like men do. More than that, although I’m using women to tell the story, there’s no gender attached to the suit. Anyone can wear it. I hope one day we’re not talking about gender in sport and are just talking about the sport. Once everything is stripped back, it’s just the game that’s left.”

The Nike x Martine Rose collection thus offers gender-free bespoke clothing for players that promotes sports style and expands sports culture for the next generation. This dissolves the boundaries of football styling for men and women.

Firstly, the Martine Rose line consists of a player's jacket, trousers, mackintosh and shirt. But also accessories, such as socks, gloves and sunglasses. Finally, of course, the Nike x Martine Rose Shox Mule MR 4. For 2023, there are three different vibrant versions of this shoe. For instance, in the pictures below, we see the Shox Mule MR 4 in colour gradients from blue to purple and yellow to orange, and also in black with paint on the sides.

The Nike x Martine Rose collection will be available exclusively on on 25 July 2023 and on SNKRS and at selected retailers on 27 July 2023!