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Latest episode Grote Tim & Tom Sneaker Show - with guest DJ Cutnice

June 16, 2023 3:59 PM
Latest episode Grote Tim & Tom Sneaker Show - with guest DJ Cutnice

Get ready for the latest episode of 'De Grote Tim & Tom Sneaker Show'! The renowned Sneakerjagers show has been revamped and now releases a fresh episode every two weeks. In this exciting show, Tim Beumers and Tommy Triggah engage in captivating conversations with diverse guests, delving into the most noteworthy events within the sneaker community and exchanging personal anecdotes. In the upcoming episode, they will be joined by the talented DJ Cutnice.

De Grote Tim & Tom Sneaker Show

Get ready for the highly anticipated release of the latest episode of 'De Grote Tim & Tom Show' this Friday! Tim and Tom will be your dedicated hosts, providing you with up-to-date information on the latest sneaker releases and news from the scene. But they're not alone in this endeavor—each episode features a special guest who shares their immense passion for sneakers, hailing from diverse backgrounds. Together, they'll delve into captivating discussions that are sure to excite any sneaker enthusiast.

DJ Cutnice

The next episode features none other than Miraldo Walden, better known as DJ Cutnice. DJ Cutnice (@dj_cutnice) is a Dutch DJ and started his career in 1985. He became known with artist e-life and started spinning at local events. In 1990, DJ Cutnice played at 'De Vlerk' during a Rotterdam hip-hop event and established his name in the music scene.

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DJ Cutnice has a great passion for hip-hop and is one of the Netherlands' leading hip-hop DJs. In his career, he has performed at major events and festivals and was for a time the DJ for hip-hop collective 'Lethal Posse'. Nowadays, he is a regular DJ at Dutch Bboy, IBE, Battle of the Year Benelux, Battle of Sneek and Planet Rock.

De Grote Tim & Tom Show

Thousands of people recognize DJ Cutnice's funky spinning style, which has endeared him to hip-hop enthusiasts and bboys alike. Cutnice's mixtapes have garnered immense love and his name frequently graces various mixtapes. In addition to his fervor for music, Cutnice is an avid sneaker aficionado. Therefore, in the upcoming episode of De Grote Tim & Tom Sneaker Show, he shares insights about the rarest sneakers in his personal collection.

Next episode

Together with DJ Cutnice, Tim and Tom discuss the latest news from the sneaker and hip-hop scene and share their personal stories. You can catch De Grote Tim & Tom Sneaker Show every fortnight on the Sneakerjagers YouTube channel, as well as listen to it on Spotify and iTunes.

In addition, Tim and Tom also discuss the weekly releases on the Sneakerjagers Instagram channel. You can also watch snippets of the show on the YouTube channel.

You can watch the next episode on 16 June 2023 at 4pm sharp on the Sneakerjagers YouTube channel. Tune in!

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