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Kids Sneaker on Sale - the best Afew has to offer

November 8, 2020 8:40 AM
Kids Sneaker on Sale - the best Afew has to offer

What's good community, you are looking for new sneakers, but not for you, but for the kids? Then this is the right place for you, because here we present you the best kids sneaker, that the online shop of Afew has on sale at the moment. If you think WOW, the shoe would look good on my child, then just click on the picture of the shoes and you will get directly to the respective product page. So as long as you still have your children's permission to buy their shoes, you should take advantage of t that, as this can change at any time 😉.

But before we start with the kids sneaker, first the most important information about the sale. The sale is only open for the weekend. until 10th November 2020. You get 30% off all the Kids Sneaker at Afew, that you can find by clicking the button here. All you have to do is enter the code KIDS30 in the shopping cart.


The Jordan 1 is the first shoe from the legendary Michael Jordan and is known for its top look and its high quality materials like leather, so that the Jordan 1 is seen in the scene as a high quality sneaker and that is exactly what parents are trying to find for their children. The Jordan 1 is suitable for boys as well as girls and no matter how old they are, the sneaker is a suitable children's shoe for everyone. In addition, Jordan's always have a relatively non-slip sole, which makes the shoe very suitable for children.

With the code KIDS30 the shoe costs only 34.97€.

Kinder Sneaker Jordan
Kinder Jordan 1
Jordan 1 Kinder


If you liked the shoe, but you think that a white shoe for children is the wrong one, because they only make them dirty anyway, then this is probably the right shoe for your children. The Jordan 1 with black and blue accents.

Like the white sneaker, this one costs only 34.97€ if you enter the code KIDS30 before paying.

Kinder Sneaker Jordan 1
Jordan 1 Kinder
Kinder Jordan 1


Is Tom & Jerry the favourite series of her little one? Then you will love this shoe, because this Reebok Club C 85 is full of Tom & Jerry. For children, this is exactly what they love in terms of design, their favourite cartoon characters on their clothes, it makes their hearts beat faster.

Tom & Jerry's Sneaker costs only 41.97€ this weekend, thanks to the code KIDS30.

Reebok Kinder Sneaker


If that was too much Tom & Jerry, then this one is much better. Because the shoe doesn't only look mega in itself, the small logo of the series on the edge of the shoe makes the kids happy too. This makes the shoe a win-win situation for parents and children.

Unlike the other Tom & Jerry, this one costs only 39.16

Reebok Kinder Sneaker
Reebok for Kids
Kinder Sneaker reebok


At the end, there's another Jordan 1. As you've already noticed, we love sneakers for children, the variant here is the legendary "banned" Colorway, so that your child can wear legendary sneakers on his feet, even when he's young and looks super cute at the same time.

This Jordan even costs you only 27.96€, a great price for a sooooo sweet Jordan.

Jordan 1

If you have any questions regarding the kids sneaker sale of Afew GmbH, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].