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'H' for Hey Tea X adidas ZX 7000 'Pink

October 14, 2020 4:28 PM
'H' for Hey Tea X adidas ZX 7000 'Pink

And so the adidas A-ZX series continues, dear community! This year, one hot ZX release after the other reaches us in the course of the new version adidas series. According to adidas, the campaign is intended to bring together creativity, culture and the world of sneakerheads with its designs. All information about the A-ZX series and all releases that have been made so far can be viewed here. The new Hey Tea X adidas ZX 7000 'Pink' is now designed for the letter H and was created in cooperation with Hey Tea from China. Find out who this is and what makes the design so special this time around here with us today!

But before, as always, the most important thing first, the release info at a glance! The Hey Tea X adidas ZX 7000 'Pink' will be launched on Friday, October 16, 2020 at 10:00 am. The kicks will be available at adidas as well as at various retailers! The beautiful piece will cost you 140€. Click on the button to get all the information you need to buy the kicks:

Your #TheCrew Background Check

Hey Tea, this is actually a tea shop or tea producer from China. The shop was originally created in 2012, due to the inspiration to combine cheese and tea. Yes, you read correctly, dear community: cheese tea! This crazy idea made Hey Tea famous. What started out as one little tea shop has now developed into several shops all over Asia, offering all kinds of crazy and popular teas.

And today? They teamed up with adidas and gave the ZX 7000 an extremely hot makeover! The extraordinary collab fits perfectly into the A-ZX series and shows once again how versatile the inspirations in the sneaker game can be! So, let's get to the fancy details!


Hey Tea X adidas ZX 7000 'Pink' - the details

The upper of the sneakers comes in a very special colorway! We see here a nice combination of white and pastel pink, together with some accents in deep purple. At the front of the sneaker there is a transparent white padding, which is connected to the leather around the laces. In addition there are a few colour gradients in white. No idea if someone spilled tea here, but it looks great! On the heel of the sneaker we actually find an illustration of different kinds of cheese, which, as we now know, is Hey Tea's speciality. The logo of Hey Tea on the tongue completes the look.

Here you can see once again how versatile the silhouette of the adidas ZX can be. If you are interested in the full story behind the ZX family, please click here. There you can also find out in detail what the shoes have to offer in terms of functionality. With a comfortable upper combined with a sole that was once designed for running, thesse sneakers are the perfect companion. The torsion system in the sole supports the freedom of movement between the back and the forefoot and also a great cushioning is guaranteed.

Just to remind you again, the Hey Tea X adidas ZX 7000 'Pink' releases on 16 October 2020 at 10:00 am. You can get a list of all retailers here:

High Tea x adidas ZX
H für Hey Tea X adidas ZX 7000 'Pink'
Hey Tea X adidas ZX 7000 'Pink'
A-ZX adidas - Hey Tea X adidas ZX 7000 'Pink'
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