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Check out the Supreme Winter 2021 Tees collection here

December 24, 2021 2:00 PM
Check out the Supreme Winter 2021 Tees collection here

On Thursday 23 December 2021, Supreme released a number of T-shirts for the winter collection. Besides nine different tees, the brand also dropped items from the Supreme x Dickies collab. The items dropped exclusively at Supreme.

The Winter 2021 Tees collection consists of nine different tees. All nine have a different print and colorway. One of the shirts features the artwork of Weirdo Dave. This item, called 'Spend It', features a dollar note and the text 'Merry Christmas - Don't Spend It All In One Place'.

The 'Diamond' T-shirt features the Supreme logo and is inspired by TRU's 'Da Crime Family' album cover. The letters of Supreme are printed in bold and coloured gold with diamonds, just like on the 1999 album. The 'Bed' shirt has a graphic of Sean Cliver on the chest.

Two other tees from the Supreme Winter 2021 collection feature paintings by Christopher Wool on the items. One has a red print and is inspired by the 2001 artwork 'Untitled'. The other shirt featuring Wool's work takes its inspiration from the 1995 work 'Untitled'.

The 'Venus' shirt features Agnolo Bronzino's work 'Venus, Cupid, Folly and Time' from 1545. There is also a NYC-based graffiti tee. On it we see the work of Lady Pink. The photo on this item was taken by renowned photojournalist Martha Cooper.

The last two tees in the collection are the 'Experientia' and the 'Spikes' tee. On the 'Experientia' shirt, we see a Latin quote for 'Experience is the best teacher'. The 'Spikes' shirt has a grey print featuring a warrior with nunchucks. The collection can be shopped at Supreme.