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Cheaper than Ever ! HHV with a sale on their sale

August 20, 2020 4:55 PM
Cheaper than Ever ! HHV with a sale on their sale

Whats’up community, due to the recent weather it is probably unbelievable for you to think, but the summer is coming to an end and it is time to prepare for the colder moths. Thats exactly why HHV is having an extra sale on their end of the summer sale.

With the code: endsummer25, HHV grants an additional 25% discount on all items, that are already in the Urban Fashion Sale. But only until Wednesday 26.08.2020 23:59, after that the code is invalid and the sale is only half as good. This discount code leads to some great sneaker steals and in this blog I will show you the ones, that are the best in my opinion.

If you want to browse through the sale, with this button you can get there


adidas Continental 80

We are starting it off with an all time classic, the adidas Continental 80 in Off White. A sport shoe from the 80’s, that adidas relaunched as a retro a few years ago.

HHV had this classic for 109,95€ in stock, but for the sale the shoe was already reduced to 71,46€. With the code endsummer25 the sneaker becomes even cheaper, so that it only costs you 53,59€ at the end.

adidas Stan Smith Recon

From the classic Continental 80 to the "myth" Stan Smith. The most popular adidas sneaker of all time. Stan Smith won Wimbledon in 1972 and after that adidas started working together with him making the „Stan Smith“. A shoe that you can wear with absolutely everything. Especially in the Recon version shown here, it is really perfect to combine with everything.

With an actual retail price of 149,95€ the shoe first went online at HHV, through the first sale down to 97,46€ and then through the discount code endsummer25 down to 73,09€.


Nike Blazer Mid '77 Suede

After these Adidas classics, we now come to a skate icon, the Nike Blazer Mid '77 Suede.

HHV has the sneaker beside the pictured version in Neptune Green also in Thunderstorm (light blue) or in the classic grey. Do you like the sneaker well but not well enough to order it ....

Starting at 99,95€ the Nike Blazer is now at 52.47€ due to all the discount campaigns.


Nike Blazer Low Leather

... then maybe you'll like the Low Top variant more. If that’s the case then this one is just right for you. The Nike Blazer Low Leather in white with grey elements.

Similar to the Mid Top, the Blazer Low is almost 50% cheaper, then at the beginning and comes with the code endsummer25 to 53,97€ at the end.


Vans Sid DX (Anaheim Factory)

After starting of with some classics simple models this sneaker is something completely different. A colorful Vans, designed as a homage to the first construction site of Vans, in Anaheim. If the colourway is to much for you, but the idea and the silhouette of the sneaker are , don’t worry there is also a black and white version of the shoe on sale. After all the discounts including using the the code endsummer25 final price for the model is 41,40€


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 70 HI

The most famous silhouette ever ? Since the 1920s Converse has been producing the Chuck Taylor, but the silhouette is still hyped, which can be seen by the fact that high-end brands like Dior with the B23 and Louis Vuitton with the STELLAR SNEAKER BOAT and the TATTOO SNEAKER BOAT use almost the exact same silhouette. So why not just go with the OG which HHV offers from 64,08€

This absolute streetwear icon is available at HHV in black and white with the code endsummer25 already for 64,08€.


All in all HHV has a mega sale until 26.08.2020, which I will definitely use more than once and I hope you will do the same. With the button here below you can get to the sale once again .

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