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Air Jordan 1 - Available Models and Outlook for 2022

November 2, 2021 9:00 AM
Air Jordan 1 - Available Models and Outlook for 2022

What's up Sneaker Heads? In this article, we take a detailed look at the Air Jordan 1 series and check out the latest models. Finally, we take a look at the year 2022 and answer the question of whether the Jordan 1 hype will flatten out or continue unabated. Stay tuned!

Classic and sporty

The Air Jordan 1 has managed to develop a cult status and will forever be a very special part of the sneaker scene.

For this purpose, we present 4 exciting facts about the Jordan 1 and its beginnings on Instagram. Feel free to take a look.

Air Jordan 1 High / Mid / Low

The Air Jordan 1 comes in three different versions. The shoe is available as High, Mid and Low. Due to the long tradition and the proximity to the OG, the High models are the most popular.

The Air Jordan 1 Mid's are currently more popular with women and are sometimes not taken too seriously by fans of the Air Jordan 1 High series. By the way, we think that's total nonsense! In the meantime, there are super nice colour variations, especially for the mid models.

The low models are, as the name suggests, low-top sneakers and are particularly suitable for summer.

We'll check out a few currently available shoes below and then give an assessment of how the Air Jordan 1 might fare next year.

These AJ1s are available to buy

We start with a Jordan 1 Low, the Jordan 1 Low Crater Black Grey to be exact. The sustainable shoe comes in a SMOKE GREY/MULTI-COLOR-BLACK colorway and convinces with a rather discreet look. The upper is made of synthetic and textile. Cost: €120.

AJ 1 Mid 'Triple White'

The shoe is offered quasi permanently, but is still not always so easy to get. The kicks are in similar demand to the white Air Force 1s, for example, and often come on the market in smaller quantities.

The frequent restocks cover the demand, so you have the chance to buy the shoe for €120. The 'Triple White' is made of leather and is also great for trying out a custom sneaker.

Air Jordan 1 WMNS High Zoom CMFT 'Lemon Twist'

To complete the series, the last thing we have to show you is of course a high version. The High models are incredibly popular and therefore almost always sell out very quickly. However, we found the 'Lemon Twist', which is still available in some sizes in retail.

The Zoom technology combined with the Fossil and Lemon colour scheme looks chic and is also great for the colder months. You can buy the shoe for as little as €140, just follow the link or click on the image.

Will the hype last?

We have noticed and observed an extreme hype around the Jordan 1 models lately and especially since the Michael Jordan Netflix series. This year, many shoes and especially Nike Dunks were released that flooded the market. The Jordan 1s always brought in some variety and knew how to convince with chic colour variations. Can we expect a decline in resell prices and demand for the Jordan 1 models, as we did for the Nike Dunks?

This question can never be answered with certainty, but there is a lot to suggest that the Jordan 1 series will continue to experience the hype it is currently experiencing. There have always been fans of the Jordan 1 High series and there will continue to be. Maybe not all colorways of the mid or low models will sell immediately, but in principle we can assume that the Air Jordan 1 will continue to do so. Also because these models are still trendy among influencers and stars.

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To make sure you don't miss any future releases of the Jordan 1 silhouette, I recommend our release calendar. See you there!