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Air Force 1 Skeleton 'Starfish' - Halloween 2020 will be this special at Nike

October 20, 2020 10:21 AM
Air Force 1 Skeleton 'Starfish' - Halloween 2020 will be this special at Nike

We are already approaching the end of October and that also means: Halloween is getting closer and closer, dear community. Traditionally, Nike brings a special Halloween sneaker to the market every year and this time it's called: Nike Air Force 1 Skeleton 'Starfish'! Already in the middle of the year there was a Leak Alert for these kicks. What a special design Nike has come up with this time, that's what this is all about today! But first, the release info:

The Nike Air Force 1 Skeleton 'Starfish' will be released on Wednesday 28 October 2020 at 09:00 am. Just in time to complete your Halloween outfit. The sneakers will cost 130€. An overview of which shops will have the kicks in stock can be found here:

The Air Force 1 Skeleton convinces again this year

You already know how popular, famous, infamous and especially Air Force 1 is, dear community! The unprecedentedly popular kicks show themselves to be super versatile throughout their history, with some variations, collaborations and many colours. We've also seen a special edition of the Air Force from Nike around Halloween in recent years. Mostly in black and white. This year we get the popular 'Skeleton' colorway again, but on an orange upper.

The new colour gives the sneaker something mystical and of course it fits perfectly with the pumpkins and Jack O'Lantern on Halloween. The Nike Air Force 1 Skeleton 'Starfish' has, like its predecessors, a skeleton foot on the upper.

Nike AIr Force 1 Halloween

So you're definitely ready for Halloween, no matter how it happens in this, shall we say, special year. The 'x-ray' on the upper can also be seen on the inner sole of the sneaker. The white outsole makes the look complete. It looks a bit transparent and we assume that it also has glow in the dark effects. Have I promised you too much? The Skeleton Air Force 1 07 is again something special this year!

And that's not all, because there are even more great silhouettes from Nike in a scary look. In this blog post you can read all about the Halloween Pack from Nike. It includes an Air Max TN, an Air Max 90 and a blazer, all with special effects.

Air Force 1 Halloween 2020
Air Force 1 Skeleton
Air Force 1 Skeleton 'Starfish'
Nike Air Force 1 Skeleton 'Starfish'